therapy in english

Involved with you at all levels

At the Implica Center we offer the possibility of therapy in English, since we believe that it is very important for person to be able to express themselves in their native language.

That's why we have a team of bilingual psychologists who will allow people to express themselves in the best way, focusing on what really matters.

Phases of Therapy

All therapy has phases that help you move forward and be able to detect where you are in therapy and how you are improving and achieving your goals.

Therapy, as well as change, is not linear, but it is like one´s own learning, it is normal to stop or to go down in order to keep going up.

The important thing is that despite these small ups and downs, if we watch it from a distance, we keep moving forward.


The first sessions are essential so that the therapist can understand what you are going through and what has led you to have the discomfort and the problems you are suffering. At first it is normal to feel nervous, insecure and afraid of being judged. These first sessions will help you trust the person in front of you and be able to open up to him or her. Duration: between 3- 4 sessions (depending on the problem and its duration)

Understanding the Problem

The therapist after conducting an exhaustive analysis of what is maintaining the problem, teaches you to understand why this is happening to you and what are the steps to move forward and change. Collaborately, you establish what are the objectives you want to achieve. Duration: 1 session


With the help of the therapist, you learn strategies to solve your problem. This is where changes happen and goals are achieved. Duration: it depends on the objectives to be achieved and the rhythm of each person.


It occurs when you have reached your goals and have all the necessary resources to continue being well without the help of the therapist. To give you a chance to see it, the sessions begin to be spaced in time. The goal is that you can continue on your own, consolidating all the lessons learned.

End of treatment

Online Therapy

Online therapy is also effective

We have the experience and the appropriate means to carry out quality online therapy.

Times change and on many occasions, new technologies are of great help.

Personalized and evidence-based intervention

Each person is unique and their intervention is unique

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